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May 26, 2012 in Dragons Pulse

It’s never too young or old to be inspiring.  All it requires is for you to open your eyes and truly want to help.

Today I am highlighting an 18-year-old young man, Mitchell Allen, who will be representing Martial Arts as he runs the torch for the upcoming summer Olympics.  While he isn’t a Pai Lum Tao student, his story is inspiring nonetheless and well worth highlighting.

At the age of 14, Mitchell Allen coached a five-year-old boy with spina bifida in judo.  He went on to do over 2000 community hours and started up 2 judo clubs in his area to coach men, women and children both with and without disabilities.  He has received many local and national forms of recognition for community work.

This Saturday, young Mitchell and his sister will receive one of the highest honors a non-competitor can, carrying the Olympic torch towards its final destination in London, England.  His sister, who battles with a crippling form of childhood arthritis, has also pushed through her limitations to become an accomplished judo student and dancer.

But what makes both of them so great is that neither started their efforts because they wanted to get recognized.  Rather, the saw others around them that needed their help.  They gave from the heart and made a difference in the lives of those around them.  They helped to inspire the community to reach out and are role models for those around them.

So as we go into Memorial Day weekend, take a moment to think about those in your lives that have inspired you.  How did they do it and what did they do for you?  Thank them, if you can.  And then consider how you might inspire others to greatness.

We are each but one person, but together with a warrior’s heart, we can all make a difference in the world.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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