Bok Leen’s Legendary Sets


by Glenn C Wilson

Bok leen pai kenpo is renowned for its well-rounded arsenal, which includes damaging takedowns. The takedowns are the product of a natural process of evolution taught within this fascinating system and encompass Chinese, Hawaiian and Okinawan teachings. Shorinji kenpo, judo, jiu-jitsu, shuai chiao and wrestling are co-mingled into the very heart of this devastating fighting style.

These takedowns are brutal and will cripple the would-be foe long before the adversary has a chance to retreat.  This type of training teaches the white dragon student that his arsenal and execution "must work, not play."

All aspects of the bok leen pai system must work when the chips are down. For it is said, "If it doesn't work, its no darn good, and it isn't Pai lum Tao." This statement not only pertains to Pai lum's brutal takedowns, but also to every aspect taught of the system.

Dr. Pai's Creation

The variety of takedown routines practiced in bok leen pai are truly a creation of decades of blending along with painful trial and error. The blending began many years ago through the insight of a martial arts genius - Dr. Daniel K. Pai. This blending began in Hawaii and continued throughout his illustrious life. Dr. Pai credited his art's applicability to his training in jiu-jitsu, judo, shorinji kenpo, shuai chiao and chin na.

Judo provides a strong foundation in grappling and throwing techniques, while kenpo continues rapid-fire, no-nonsense streetfighting movements coupled with throws utilizing the twisting and controlling of an opponent's wrist and elbow. This is accentuated with chin na applications. The mother of all grappling arts, shuai chiao helps the practitioner in more fine-tuned trapping, locking and slamming techniques which are developed on the principle that throwing opponents to the ground are a quick and effective way to end a confrontation.

Thinking-Man's Art

Because most fighters feel more comfortable rooted to the ground, the white dragon practitioner is schooled in the art of takedowns. The effectiveness of takedowns, however, is not dependent on strength, but rather based on medical and scientific principles of motion applied to the attacker's muscles, joints or the pressure points throughout the body. The Pai lum tao practitioner redirects the motion initiated by the attacker. This results in a two-pronged effect: the attacker losing his rooting followed immediately by impact.

Ground impact severity can vary in level of injury from slight to severe and may result in anything from fainting to death. With a well-rounded arsenal of techniques to blend with hard "gong" or soft "yuan" movements, the Pai lum tao student knows his teachings have covered all possible avenues.

This type of traditional training incorporates both the physical and mental aspects of the system. Pai Lum Tao is a thinking man's art and produces intelligent martial artists. Thus, when the time comes, the Pai lum tao practitioner will react without hesitation when called upon to use his skills. Most confrontations are decided within the first few seconds. Having the skill and confidence to explode with a succession of lightning-fast techniques culminating in a brutal takedown is the very essence of bok leen pai kenpo.

Lethal Short-Range Strikes

Found within the Pai lum system is a short-range combat style known as bok leen pai kenpo. This arsenal includes an effective series of cutting punches and kicks, coupled with traditional animal movements and powerful san shou training. This combination has proven second to none in the world of competitive pugilism.

A practitioner starts by understanding the philosophy used to strike a target, using vertical, horizontal and circular motions. Distinguishing the cutting series from other theories and formulas is its unique composition of linear and circular striking, utilized within the implementation of one distinct and shocking move. The impact and penetration can be lethal to the receiver. Although the technique possesses power and explosiveness, it is the penetration of the Pai lum tao punch or kick that showcases its significance. The technique is executed into the target and then through the target. Such shocking penetration makes these martial arts techniques among the most effective and deadly.

The fighting series was developed through the evolution and expansion of various fighting styles. Borrowing from strengths found in northern and southern kung-fu, this series emerged as a potent combination of motion-generated power and explosive short-range combat. The northern influence can be seen in the mobility in stances, flexible movement and long-range striking. The southern style captures short-range explosiveness into the target area, which translates into powerful stationary stances that emphasize power. The northern systems helped develop sinew strength and power through movement. The southern style added powerful explosion into the target. The cutting punch emulated admirable qualities of both styles thanks to the blend of motion and explosion.

White dragon punches use both gong (hard) and yuen (soft) hand techniques. The basic routines practiced by the beginner are the figure-eight pattern, circular and the sphere patterns.

The white dragon way of punching utilizes linear and circular motions united into one unremitting, fluid movement. Different parts of the hand can be used to transform this energy during one's striking. The parts include closed fists, open hand and different animal claws, which will be utilized to defend against an adversary. Your punches will travel directly into an then tear through the target.  The punch penetrates a few inches into the target with a linear motion and then cuts through with a continued circular motion.

Thunderous Leg Techniques

Bok leen pai kenpo is traditionally about 75-percent hands and 25-percent feet. Legends involving the hand speed and various striking techniques of bok leen pai are well earned. However, if you concentrate too much on those mystical hand movements you'll miss bok leen pai's thunderous kicks.

Kicks are targeted to the rib cage and below. The execution of the kick is to cut, crush or disrupt. Hidden behind the barrage of intricate hand techniques are lethal and many times seemingly invisible leg strikes.

Factors such as power, speed, conditioning and delivery are the key ingredients of success. Bok leen pai kenpo's kicks are used to lead the barrage, break down the root, dislodge weight distribution, intercept assaulting techniques, trap and disorient, as well as finish a confrontation with crushing and slicing techniques that penetrate and cut through the attack.

Kicks are delivered with extreme power and execution, and feature in-depth penetration to pinpoint target areas. Power kicks begin with hours of slow, disciplined kick execution. Kicks are done in an easy isometric fashion until the proper muscles, tendons and ligaments are property conditioned. One then begins to develop power with "the bag." This entails starting with drills into sawdust and sandbags. The power developed through sandbag training is incredible. It is not uncommon for a Pai Lum Tao practitioner to shatter the leg of a wooden dummy in half with a shin strike. Then, of course, they are required to proudly replace it.

Thousands of kicks will be executed in front of the mirror partner. The kicks flow freely and relaxed. This modern form of training has proven its worth many times over. Speed can only be mastered in one's kicks when the body is relaxed. Proper breathing patterns must be practiced to relieve the body of stress and tension. The kick should explode from a set position to maximum penetration in the link of an eye. These leg strikes are unyielding in their execution. They have been called deceptive, distracting, frustrating, confusing, invisible, vicious and forever lethal.

Bok Leen Basic Training

Students are trained from the ground up, meaning stance leads to posture and posture leads to technique. Once a foundation is established, the intricate formulas for movement are put into action.  The practitioner has now embarked on a fascinating voyage, which will take him through 72 self-defense sift sets, 16 forms, a multitude of blocks, punches, kicks, jointlocks, pressure point strikes, throws and weaponry. The average time to achieve a black belt is five years of diligent study. The philosophies of mind, body and spirit encompass the teachings and disciplines of bok leen pai.

Major influences included judo, jiu-jitsu, Hawaiian kenpo and shorinji kenpo, as well as kung-fu's southern long hand, lohan and nine animals. Make no mistake: bok leen pai kenpo is an art, not a sport. It is the art of the ancient and modern warrior, replete with honor, loyalty and courage coupled within the mind, body and spirit.

This unique and extremely lethal system of Asian martial arts was taught "teacher to student" directly by Dr. Daniel K Pai to professor Glenn C. Wilson. Grandmaster Wilson now passes on this priceless knowledge to his honorable and loyal students throughout the world. This is the ancient cycle and preservation of the arts.

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