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Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson would like to welcome you to the White Dragon Warrior Society home page. If you are a true Martial Artist who looks at the numerous benefits that can be obtained through affiliation with a quality organization, then we are for you!

Being a direct disciple of Great Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pai, Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson to this day holds true to the traditions of Pai Lum Tao. Receiving his credentials as a Sixth Higher Level Black Sash and Certified Master directly from Grandmaster Pai, Grandmaster Wilson continues to teach the theory, application and techniques as they were passed down to him. Grandmaster Pai, long before his passing, gave the responsibility for teaching of Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Pai Lum to Grandmaster Wilson. The White Dragon Warrior Society was created by Great Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai and Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson to standardize and protect the teachings and history of Pai Lum Tao – Gong Yuen Chuan Fa.

Grandmaster Wilson was appointed by Grandmaster Pai as head of his own family of Pai Lum Tao. Before his passing, Grandmaster Pai proclaimed only 5 active families of Pai Lum Tao. The “Gong Yuen Chuan Fa” Family is proud to be part of the ongoing legacy left by a martial arts giant.

Affiliation with the White Dragon Warrior Society brings you several opportunities for training and advancement. Following the philosophy of Grandmaster Pai that all Dragons are forever students, available to you are videos, seminars, meeting and an annual conference. Techniques and theories taught are direct lineage to Great Grandmaster Pai through Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson.