Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson

grandmaster-glenn-c-wilsonGrandmaster – Glenn C. Wilson

“Pai Pao Lung Huit”


5 Times World Champion
8 Times U.S. National Champion
Inducted into 6 Hall of Fames
1984-1989 Coach on U.S. National Kung Fu Team
Chairman of the Board – White Dragon Warrior Society
President/CEO – Glenn Wilson’s Martial Arts Academies International
Head Coach – Wilson’s ‘Pai Lum Tao’ Warriors – Team USA
Published author (Book) Pai Lum Tao
Film Fight Choreographer

Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Family – Pai Lum Tao
Masters Certification in:
Pai Te Lung Chuan Kung Fu
Bok Leen Pai Kenpo
Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan
Kwan Yen Chi Kung
Shaolin Chuan Fa/Moi Fah Kung Fu

Glenn Wilson is certified in:
Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Federation
White Dragon Warrior Society, Inc.
United States Chinese Koushu Federation
Pai Lum White Dragon / White Lotus Society
World Head of Family Sokeship Council
Martial Arts Collective Society
International Chinese Kempo Karate Federation
Member PCCMA – Shaolin Temple


Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson is a senior disciple of the late Great Grandmaster Dr. Daniel Kalimaahaae Kane Pai and was chosen by Dr. Pai to head up The White Dragon Warrior Society and carry on the Pai Lum Tao torch of learning. Glenn now dedicates his martial arts life to keeping the dreams of his teacher Dr. Daniel K. Pai alive and educating the world to this most fascinating Chinese/Hawaiian martial arts style / way of life.

Grandmaster Wilson has had a truly illustrious career. As a competitor in the seventies he was a member of the U.S. Team and won five world titles and eight U.S. National titles. In the eighties he served for four years as a coach on the U.S. Team. Grandmaster Wilson has appeared in virtually every major Martial Arts magazine and accumulated a record of 13-0 as a kick boxer. He was awarded six Golden Belt awards in tournament competition while accumulation over 250 career trophies. During his successful career he has been inducted into six Martial Arts Halls of Fame, including “Inside Kung Fu Magazine” and the “World Head of Family Sokeship Council”. As an accomplished author Grandmaster Wilson has authored many articles in several different magazine publications as well as authoring five different books pertaining to the Pai Lum Tao system that are sold worldwide.

Four Books by Glenn C. Wilson


As a personal protection specialist he has secured the safety of such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Dianna Ross, The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, The Righteous Brothers, Huey Lewis, Liza Minneli, Barbara Mandrel, Larry King, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, General Swartzkoff and many more. He has appeared in and served as fight choreographer for action movies as Don (The dragon’s) movie – Redemption in the United States and the movie Shaolin Kid in Europe.

He is a proud member in good status in some of the most professional and respected martial arts organization including the Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Federation, White Dragon Warrior Society, Inc., World Kuoshu Federation, United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation, World Chinese Koushu Federation, Pai Lum White Dragon / White Lotus Society, World Head of Family Sokeship Council, Martial Arts Collective Society, International Chinese Kempo Karate Federation and the Pan China Confederation Martial Arts – Beijing, China.

At this time in his life he keeps busy as a Captain/Trainer of Safety & Security at the State of Florida commissioned ‘Security With Advanced Tactics Academy’ in Central Florida, Vice President / CEO of Wilson Elite Protective Services ‘an elite team of body guard/personal protection specialists and investigators’, Crises Intervention Instructor, and President of Glenn Wilson’s Martial Arts Academies International which are presently located in North America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe and Africa and is the largest Pai Lum Martial Arts organization in the world!    He also serves as Grandmaster and CEO of the largest Pai Lum Tao organization in the world – White Dragon Warrior Society.

Grandmaster Wilson has been training in the martial arts for more than fifty years. On Glenn’s 10th birthday he began what would become a lifelong devotion to martial arts. He started in Kodokan Judo where he learned traditional discipline at a young age. When he was 16 he witnessed a Kenpo demonstration by Master Thomas Dunn of the Tracy’s Kenpo System that captivated him more than anything he’d ever experienced in the arts. The smooth, fluid and extremely powerful techniques mystified the young martial artist, who to this day holds a major reverence for its curriculum. Glenn studied the various Kenpo disciplines of Tracy’s Kenpo, Shorinji Kempo, Kongo Do Kenpo, Chinese Kenpo and the style that would stay with him for life – Bok Leen Pai Kenpo. He made the natural transition from his Kenpo roots to the various studies of Chuan Fa.

Glenn trained in Gong Yuen Chuan Fa, Lo Han Chuan, Moi Fah Chuan, Five Animal methods, White Crane, and Pai Te Lung Chuan of Pai Lum Tao – a style that captured his imagination and gave new meaning to his martial arts pursuits. The internal influences that would help him center his life and training were practiced in Pai Lum Tao’s systems of Pai Yung Tai Chi, Quan Nien Chi Kung and Chin Kon Pai Meditation. Glenn’s life would change for the good in the mid seventies when he went from the private outdoor (very secluded) training of Master Jim Mcintosh to being accepted as a direct disciple of martial arts legend Great Grandmaster Dr. Daniel Kalimaahaae Kane Pai.

Glenn was brought into the Pai Lum Tao System at the rank he held at the time in the Kou Shu of Taiwan – a third higher level black. This was a very rare happening and reserved for only the few warriors with honor, courage and a very high level of martial skill and discipline. Then in 1979 Dr. Pai elevated Glenn to Master and named him head of his family of Pai Lum Tao martial arts. That was ordained the ‘Gong Yuen Chuan Fa family of Pai Lum Tao Martial Arts. Several years before Dr. Pai’s passing he and his disciple, Glenn, formed the White Dragon Warrior Society. The formation was designed to preserve the traditions of Pai Lum Tao, share and strengthen the system and legitimize rank among the families. Dr. Pai served as the Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder, while Glenn was Vice Chairman of the Board of the White Dragon Warrior Society, Inc. (after Dr. Pai’s passing Glenn became Chairman of the Board), President of Glenn Wilson’s Martial Arts Academies International, and Head Coach of the Wilson’s Warriors Competition/ Demonstration Team. Great Grandmaster Pai passed away in 1993. This left Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson in charge of the Society they formed – the White Dragon Warrior Society – as well as Grandmaster of his “own” Family of Pai Lum Tao.

To contact Grandmaster Wilson, call or write:

955 West Lancaster Road Suite #1, Orlando, Florida 32809

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