Pai Lum Tao Internal Hand Training

Within the Pai Lum Tao family the facets of our training includes the internal arts, an integral core of martial arts training. Through the practice of Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan, Quan Yen Chi Kung, and Chi Kon Pai Meditation practice, the body develops within to strengthen the whole.

Internal Hands Training involves 3 distinct systems:

  • Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan
  • Quan Yen Chi Kung
  • Chi Kon Pai Meditation

Each compliment the others to strengthen the body both from the stresses of life and for becoming a complete martial artist.

Some of the benefits of training in the Internal Hand of Pai Lum are:


  • dsc_0720improved immune response
  • favorable cardiovascular and/or pulmonary outcomes
  • improved respiratory function such as COPD and Asthma
  • increase of physical function, flexibility, balance and movement
  • great potential for improving quality of life
  • Self-efficacy and self-esteem can be increased
  • arthritis pain can be decreased
  • symptoms of fibromyalgia can be decreased
  • sleep quality improved
  • dissociative experiences and symptoms can be improved
  • anxiety can be decreased
  • depression improved
  • increase in bone density
  • … and many more benefits


Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan

Pai Yung Tai Chi Chuan teaches the ‘martial’ (actual combat and fighting techniques) aspects of the internal arts and how they can be applied to improving one’s health, specifically with stress relief and chi.

Chi (also spelled ‘qi’) is the energy of the universe. By the development and manipulation of Chi, the body can be moved and healed.

Our system of Tai Chi Chuan was developed specifically by Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pai. It is deeply intertwined with all other aspects of Pai Lum Tao. The name is derived from

  • Pai – honoring his family
  • Yung – giving homage to the ‘Old Style’ teachings and applications of Yang Tai Chi Chuan

Quan Yen Chi Kung

Ever notice that when you get sick the first thing to suffer is normally your respiratory system? Breathing is essentially to life. Training starts by teaching the student how to breathe properly with and without movement through a series of short exercises. By learning to breathe properly, we move Chi and activate the body’s immune functionalities, including relieving pain.

Quan Yen is the Goddess of Mercy and Chi Kung translate to ‘Breath Exercise.’ By integrating these low-impact, easy movements daily into one’s life, the body literally has a new “breathe” on life.

Chin Kon Pai Meditation

Chin Kon Pai Meditation was developed by Grandmaster Daniel K.,Pai. Dr. Pai spent his entire life studying and mastering the Asian Martial Arts as well as philosophies, medicine, herbs and healing. His background in meditation was as thorough as it was varied: he studied the various systems from Tibet, India, China, Japan and even native Hawaiian. He structured a form of meditational exercise that would comprise teaches of Zen, Chakra and Guided Meditations.

Chin Kon Pai Mediation teaches the student how relax the mind and develop the proper tools and focus to meditate and to be able to get personal growth and health achievements through meditation.

Through studying the Internal Hands of Pai Lum, a student will receive training in all 3 system and a comprehensive training that can benefit their overall health and abilities in other aspects of their martial arts training.