New Pai Lum Tao Book Announced!

This-is-Chin-Kon-Pai-MeditationThis is Chin Kon Pai Meditation

by Glenn C Wilson

This is the first book ever written on this most enchanting form of meditation, health and enlightenment. We learn of the history of meditation traveling from India to China to Japan and then eventually shared worldwide. Go deep into the psychology of meditation and what it really is. Understand the wide spread misconceptions of meditation and discover what it means to so many people throughout the world.

The reader will be guided through Chin Kon Pai meditation practice and discover the countless benefits to all. We truly are who we choose to be and through meditation we can discover the path to a beautiful journey of peace and joy as well as enhanced overall health. Find your own balance of mind, body and spirit. For centuries millions of people have felt the benefit of meditation now you can understand what Chin Kon Pai may do for you. This enlightening book has 198 pages with a hundred plus photos to assist you on your journey’s path.

This is Chin Kon Pai Meditation